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About Us


Extending network of highly qualified professional to build up competencies and expertise

Build up strong base in capability and flexibility in embracing need of clients

Contribute to our nations effort to build infrastructure

Providing innovative solution in engineering and consulting services to fulfill industry needs


Consulting company in energy industry, mainly in Power Plant and Gas Facilities sector.

Our Focus is On

Pre-Feasibility Study (Pre-FS)~Feasibility Study (FS)

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Owners Estimate (OE)

Detail Engineering Design (DED)

Tender/ Bidding Document

Design Review

Construction Supervision

We also have experience in Technical Due Diligence.


PT. Prima Energi Consult (PEC) established in July 9th 2009 by Mr. Widyaka Kartanegara (Jack) and Mrs. Finny Widyani in Bintaro area. They had done few projects before getting a larger scale project in construction supervision and QA/QC of power plant. Now PT. Prima Energi Consult (PEC) had done engineering/construction services project ranging of power plant, gas facilities, renewable energy, transmission and substation.

We have a vision to become global innovative engineering and consulting community company servicing energy industry



Dr. Djuanda Nugraha Ibrahim, MM.

Senior Corporate Advisor

Mr. Djuanda graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring Mechanical Engineering in 1978, Post graduate study in Strategic Management from Prasetya Mulya Business School in 2004 and hold Doctorate degree of Strategic Management from University of Indonesia in 2016. He joined PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) in 1978 and has been given responsibility in various position inside PLN’s organization.

He held position construction site manager of PLTU Ombilin, site manager of PLTU Paiton, site manager PLTU Suralaya, Deputy GM of Operation Jabar Jaya, GM Pikitring of Jatim & Nusa, GM Pikitring Jabar Jaya, IPP Chief Negotiation (IPP Generation I) and Board of Director (Human Resource). After retiring from PLN, Mr. Djuanda has held various position such as President Director of PT. Rekadaya Elektrika (Power Plant EPC Company) and Senior Advisor for PT. Bakrie Power and PT. Prima Energi Consult. He is now Chief of IK-PLN (Retired PLN Employee Association) and Board of Expert in MKI (Masyarakat Ketenaga Listrikan Indonesia) and member of Akreditasi Ketenagalistrikan Dirjen Listrik Kementrian ESDM.


Ir. Imam Mashud

Senior Technical Advisor

Mr. Imam graduated from 10th November Institute of Technology (ITS) majoring Electrical Engineering in 1975. He joined the PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) in 1976 and has been experiencing in various position within PLN Organizations. He held position in Electrical Engineering division for various PLN Transmission and Distribution Project for major project in Indonesia and involved in many PLN’s standardization setup for Substation, Transmission Tower and Protections.

He hold position as Head of Transmission and Distribution Division before appointed as President Director of PLNE (PT. Prima Layanan Nasional Enjiniring) before retired. Currently become Technical Advisor for PT. Prima Energi Consult helping in supervising engineering works.



Ir. Widyaka Kartanegara, MM.

President Commissioner

Mr. Widyaka (Jack) graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring Metalurgical Engineering in 1996, Advanced Project Director Course from IMPAC University (USA) in 1998 and post graduate study in Strategic Management from Prasetya Mulya Business School in 2016.

Mr. Jack was working with Management Consulting as Energy Technical Service Consultant and Project Director, working for various industry such as Oil and Gas, Cement, Ceramic, Textile, Manufacturing, Power Plant and Mining. Since 2008, he has been involved in various energy consulting projects such as Power Plant, Geothermal, gas pipeline, gas processing plant and is now president commissioner for PT. Prima Energi Consult, engineering and consulting company in energy industry.

IMG_1947 (2)

Ir. Finny Widyani

President Director

Mrs. Finny graduated from Trisakti University majoring Architectural Engineering in 2000. She has been working for architectural bureau and has completed several project such as housing, hospital, plant and many others. Since 2009, involved mostly in the control of project such as power plant, geothermal, pipeline and gas processing plant.



Ir. Djoko Trijardi

Senior Architect & Civil Engineer

Graduated from UNIKA Soegijapranata Semarang majoring in Architectural Engineering 1999, Having 12 years of experience in design engineering of architectural and civil works.  His design experience encompasses all the project phases right from conceptual to detailed engineering, Front End Engineering Design and Field Construction.

He has been working in project of High Rise Building, Residential Apartement, property, Infrasturcture such as coal and gas fired power plant and Gas plant facilities.

Currently work at PT. Prima Energi Consult in Special Facilities Study for Wind Farm Power Plant Project in Tolo, South Sulawesi, Project Manager at Detail Engineering Design project of Gas Power plant Bangkanai stage 2 140 MW, as Senior Engineer at FS 500 kV Transmission Underground Cable East Java.


Ir. Erman Stefri Malotu

Senior Electrical Engineer

Mr. Erman graduated from Hasanuddin University Makassar in 2002 majoring in Electrical Engineering – Power. He is also the member of Institutions of Indonesian Engineers (PII) since 2012. He has been working with various International Consultant Company with some of his key positions are Lead Senior Electrical Engineer & Quality Control for several fossil & renewable projects/studies. His expertise covering the responsibilities for/capabilities of analysing, assessing, evaluating, designing/drafting, and developing. His experience for current project are Power System Study of Micro Grid Solar PV Power Plant (Floating & Rooftop PV) Project in Riau, Grid Impact Study of PV Power Plant 100 MW in Lampung, Interconnection Study of Hybrid Power Plant 1×1,11 MW in Rote, East Nusa Tenggara, Interconnection Study of Hybrid Power Plant 1×0,84 MW in Adonara, East Nusa Tenggara, Grid Impact Study of Coal Fire Power Plant 200 MW in East Kalimantan, and Interconnection Study of Wind Farm Power Plant 135 MW in North Sumatera.

In 2017 he worked as the evaluator of EPC Contractor Proposal for PLN 10 Gas Supply Project. He also has experience as Procurement Agent in PLN 35.000MW Electricity Projects supporting PLN’s Strategic Procurement Division.

Mr. Erman familiar with power system analysis and engineering software such as ETAP, EPLAN, DigSILENT and AutoCAD. Currently working at PT. Prima Energi Consult in the Design Review of Special Facilities (Transmission & Substation) for Wind Power Plant Project in Tolo, South Sulawesi, and Detail Engineering Design of Gas Engine Power Plant 140MW Project in Bangkanai, Central Kalimantan, as Senior Electrical Engineer.


Ir. Elyasta Winanta Putra

Senior Mechanical/Piping Engineer

Mr. Elyasta graduated from Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya  (ITS) in 1989, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. With experience more than 25 years in oil and gas industries in various position such as senior Project Engineer, senior mechanical-piping engineer, maintenance coordinator and senior planning & scheduler engineer. He also has involved in various EPC project for oil and gas, such as FPU & ORF Jangkrik ENI Muara Bakau Project, various project for Wood Group Indonesia (JP Kenny) Jakarta, various project for Wood Group-CCC Muscat Oman, South Mahakam Development Project 1 and 2, etc. Currently work for PT Prima Energi Consult for project GEPP (Gas Engine Power Plant) Bangkanai Stage 2 140 MW project as Senior Mechanical Engineer.


Tjatur Udjianto, B.Sc.

Senior Specialist Energy Conversion/Thermal Power Plant

Mr. Tjatur are Specialist in Energy Conversion include Thermal Power Plant Design & Engineering. He completed his studies at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Majoring  Energy Conversion from Interkantonales Technikum Rapperswil, Switzerland in 1995. His experience of more than 20years and high competencies (include design of Process Flow Diagram, Mass & Thermal Balance, Line Sizing, P&ID and  Cost Estimate) made him  expert in the field.

Mr Tjatur has been actively leading various stage of Thermal Power Project starting from Site Selection Study, Feasibility Study, Techno-Economy Study, Preparation of Tender Documents, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Review and  Project Management.

He has  been involved in various Power Plant projects with Prima Energi Consult:  Asam-Asam 2 x 65 MW  Coal Fired Power Plant (CFPP), Kaltim 2 x 100 MW Mine Mouth Coal Fired Power Plant (CFPP), East Kalimantan#3  1 x 200 MW CFPP, East Kalimantan#6   1 x 200 PLTU MW, Karawang 1×25 MW Pulp & Paper Mill CFPP and Cilegon 346 MW Power Generation Unit within  Iron & Steel Plant (Krakatau Posco JV).


Ir. Malik Ibrochim, MT

Renewable Energy Specialist

Graduated from bachelor program of University of Krisnadwipayana majoring in Electrical Engineering 2003, and hold Master degree from University of Indonesia in Electrical Engineering 2012.

Formerly as a LAPAN young researcher, he have issued some local journal in wind energy field. He also function as a coordinator of wind-diesel hybrid project of LAPAN in Sumenep Madura and helping some local consultant companies and government institutions to defined proper locations for wind turbine and wind-diesel hybrid power generation.

As a consultant on the Wind Hybrid Power Generation (WHyPGen) project (the project of UNDP-BPPT), Mr. Malik conducted Wind Resources Assessment in 25 locations in Indonesia and pre-FS in 11 locations in Indonesia (techno-economics, including P50, P90 and P99 calculations). Beside that, he conducted a study of local industry capability in Indonesia to produce wind turbine (small, medium and large scale) components also.

Familiar with WasP, HOMER software, WINDOGRAPHER and WindpRO. Able to design and install met.mast for wind measurement system based on national and international standards.

Experince in Renewable Energy Feed-in tariff calculations based on CF values as a function of technology selection and wind potential in some regions in Indonesia.


Muhammad Iqbal Setiadi

Environmental Specialist

Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Setiadi, Bachelors Degree in Biology from the University of Indonesia specializing in conservation biology. He also holds a Bridging Environment Certificate (non-degree) from Mohawk College, in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. He has more than 12 years of experience in Conservation and other Environmental projects, covering Taxonomy (morphology and molecular), Landscape Ecology, Wildlife Management, Environmental Impact Assessments, Site Due Diligence. For social type projects, he has been involved in various Community Development, Gender Issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Education Project.

He also has been working with various International Consultant Company with some of his key positions are  Senior Environment Engineer and was a research/teaching assistant at McMaster University in Canada for about 6 years. He has worked in various conservation projects for over 14 years in Southeast Asia and North America.

He was involve to several pioneering renewable energy projects. One project was constructing three off-grid solar PV plants for three indigenous villages in East Kalimantan. An another project is a hydropower project in Lombok Island; this project also was aimed to uplift the local community as well as the renewable energy supply of the region.

The most recent project is floating PV plants, utilizing unused reservoir or lake surfaces for solar power generation. Using water surfaces reduces land conversion and takes advantage of the natural cooling effect of water on maintaining the efficiency of PV equipment.


Joko Sapto Aji, ST, MT

Civil Engineer

Mr. Aji Graduated from Diponegoro University in 2009 Majoring in Civil-Structure Engineering, he also completed his Post Graduate Study in Civil-Construction Management in 2018 from Diponegoro University. Mr. Aji has experience in design engineering and civil works. He mastered engineering application software for structures and foundation such as STAADPro, SAP 2000, and AFES.

He has been involved in various Prima Energi Consult project such as: Special Facility Study (Substation & Transmission Line 150kV) for Wind Power 60MW ini South Sulawesi, Special Facility Study Substation & Transmission Line 275KV/150KV for Coal Fired Power (PLTU) Sumut#2, Preliminary Special Facility Study 150KV for Solar PV 50MW Eastern Bali, Detail Engineering Design for Gas Engine Power Plant (PLTMG)@10MW Package#2 Project in 7 Location in Eastern Indonesia, Detail Engineering Design Gas Engine Power Plant (PLTMG) Bangkanai#2 140MW in Central Kalimantan.

Download our legal documents, Profile, & Organization Chart.