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PEC can provide Studies covering Power Generation (Fossil and Renewable Power plant) and Electrical Transmission & Substation.


Pre-Feasibility Studies include site surveys, site selection (Route Selection), fuel assessment, technology assessment, demand & supply analysis, licenses and Permits, initial environmental assessment and initial cost estimation.


Feasibility Studies is covering more in-depth analysis of fuel selection, site selection, soil investigation, basic/conceptual design, bill of quantity/material, cost analysis, economic sizing, transportation study and financial modeling.


PEC also can provide study on Gas Transmission method (pipeline & station) as well as

downstream facilities such as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Storage Station.


Providing more detail design of plant and ready for bidding (FEED) and construction (DED).


Development of FEED (Front End Engineering Design) which considering  process description, process flow diagram, Piping & Instrument Diagram, heat balance & material balance, basic design parameter, equipment specification (TPG), Engineering Estimate, Pre-Qualification document for vendor selection and Bid/Tender Document for contractor selection.


Development of DED (Detail Engineering Design) which providing detail specification, calculation sheet, piping and instrument diagram, detail design and drawing, material take off.


We support our client in the implementation stage in managing project, supervise the construction as well as quality inspection of fabrication/procurement of project equipments/materials.


  1. Project Management

Project steering; Risk management; Project auditing; Contract management; Project assessment.


  1. Project Design Review

Support owners in coordinate with main contractors during engineering design review.


  1. Project Construction Supervision

Schedule monitoring and review, trouble shooting and problems solving, installation inspection and audits, support owners in coordinate with main contractors, Engineering/design review, monitor schedule management and monitor commissioning.


  1. Quality Assurance/Quality Control (Local/International)

Providing schedule monitoring of procurement/fabrication and delivery, international factory audit/inspection, factory acceptance test, fabrication inspection and audits and support owners in monitoring delivery


PEC are able to provide and develop an advisory and consulting for the needs of strategic management level. This is including review on government policy and regulation, economic and industrial outlook, market insight, corporate action and business risk analysis.